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Basics of Payroll Software

Payroll software is a cloud-based software that gives you an effective solution to manage, maintain, and automate payments to employees.

It is to help all sizes of organizations with robust, integrated, and properly configured systems. You can maintain compliance with tax laws and other financial regulations, and reduce the cost of the company.

This ease of paperless and accurate calculations helps you to keep HR personnel away from routine tasks so that they can spend more time on planning and strategically budgeting business initiatives.

Payroll Software
Processes of Payroll Software

Processes of Payroll Software

Payroll management software is a platform that helps you with other core business systems and calculations.

When you introduce payroll software in India, the employees receive accurate, on-time compensation in the appropriate manner such as direct deposit, check, or payment through any digital medium.

Employees can access the self-service dashboard on the Payroll management system to edit their personal information, payment preferences, and other details.

It makes everything reliable, easy to configure, and flexible enough to manage and automate payments to workers of all types.

A Payroll Software simplifies tasks, making it easier for staff to manage complex rules, payroll flows, and checklists, and maintain compliance with financial regulations.

UBS PAYROLL - A Paperless way to easy and Accurate calculations

A great way to handle your payroll related process with a single system An easy-to-use payroll management system makes your payroll calculations a smooth function. Integrated Payroll Management Software with all the modules required to handle salary management, this one is your guide to automate processes in your organization.

Pay Schedule
Pay Schedule
Govt. Compliance
Pay Schedule
Salary Structure
Pay Schedule
Run Payroll
Pay Schedule
Salary Verification
Pay Schedule
Pay Schedule
  • Payroll Dashboard
  • Run Payroll
  • Payment History
  • Bonus and Deductions
  • TDS
  • Generate Salary slip
Payroll Dashboard
Run Payroll
Payment History
Bonus and Deductions
Generate Salary slip

Key Features

We know best - Check out what you need in an HRMS

Single Dashboard

A bird’s eye view of payroll distributions and analytics where there are different charts of distributions by department and locations.

Payroll History

Check out the history of payroll calculations along the year and download the respective monthly salary details from here.

Government Compliances

Create a salary template that includes all statutory components like Professional Tax, Additional Deductions, Rebate, ESIC, and Provident Fund.

Salary Slip Generation

An all-new section to generate a salary slip from the payroll history. You can filter it with employee name, month, and year.

Reports And Analytics

A listicle view of all the employee and their salary details. Check out the activity, mail the details or just have a preview.

Bonus Calculations

One-click to view or calculate, add and approve the bonus or deductions from the applications your employee has made.

Adding New Employees

From Run Payroll, you can add employees, remove them, check attendance and add overtime, wherever need be.

Payroll Software to an HRs Aid

As simple as it sounds, its function makes the life of an HR, and the tasks related to them easier. A Payroll Software requires very little input because it has software in which one has to feed all the information of employees which you can actually get from the integrated HRMS. All of this brought in to get the data of calculating wages, finding taxes, paying taxes to the government, financial records which also includes the bonuses, deductions, and net pay of the employees. 

As an HR all of the above calculations if automated are released from constant monitoring. These records of each and every employee are then maintained and recorded by the employer for future references or verification. Moreover, as an HR you can keep track of the performance of the employee. It makes sure there are no possible errors during the performance of the payroll management system.

Payroll Software to an HRs Aid

Benefits of Payroll Software

Free up your payroll staff from repetitive work with self-service HRMS

Accuracy in Every calculation
Accuracy in Every calculation

Get an accurate salary every time, even with mergers and acquisitions, new hires, and shifting regulations, and makes all of the complicated and time-consuming payments, easy to handle.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Timely Delivery of Tasks

With payroll software in India, organizations can be sure that employees are paid the right amount and on time, every time, helping to build employee trust and confidence.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Transparency in Budget

It provides transparency that helps organizations stay on budget, create timely reports, and plan for the future of the organization.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Saves personnel cost

Moreover, in most organizations, personnel costs are the single highest expense incurred. Hence, an accurate calculator can reduce happenstance.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Adaptability and Scalability

Most businesses change over the course of time. Payroll software gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale the project thoroughly. Cloud-based software makes it easy to adapt.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Availability For Strategic Planning

Compared to manual and outdated alternatives of calculating payroll, HR software can save organizations’ hours each month. This time can be invested in other critical business initiatives.

Do you have Troubles with Payroll Calculations?

Check out one of the best payroll software that can help you make all the calculations, quick, easy and accurate!

What Our Client Says

We are glad to be a reason for the smiles we put on our client's faces

Krunal Vaghasiya

Krunal Vaghasiya

Tatvam Cloud Solutions CEO

I think UBS is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them. We have been using it for the last three months for our project management, and let me tell you, productivity has definitely been on a surge to growth.

Jatin Lathiya

Jatin Lathiya

16 Pixel CEO

Increasing productivity and helping us manage employees better. Keeping an eye on what the team works on has never been easier.

Maulik Vora

Maulik Vora

Zluck Solutions CEO

Quick, Easy & Clutter-free

UBS is the best app that we ever used to manage our team, It’s very easy to use. The ability to view real-time resources allocation is the most loved feature in my organization.

Mitul Golakiya

Mitul Golakiya

Infyom Technologies CEO

All in one Communication tool you need.

We are not able to think of any other tool once we moved to UBS. It made our day to day communications and project management so easy.

Alpesh Gediya

Alpesh Gediya

Telstra India Chapter Lead

I absolutely love how innovative and efficient this software has been. With a number of changes and upgrades coming our way, it has been a pleasure to understand and use this software.


Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Perfomance.

Which is the best software for payroll?

Payroll software can help you manage the time tracking, attendance management and directly induce into calculating the salary of the employees. UBS PAYROLL integrated with other UBS products has all these features and much more for you, which can help you stay up to date with your automated payroll management system for your company.

Which software is used to manage salary slips?

A Payroll software, whatever company it may be, must have an automated salary slip generation module. Here, a document containing all the details of components of salary, along with specific details of employment is generated every month. It is a monthly cycle and needs to be automatically handled by the software itself. You can use UBS PAYROll, to have hassle-free payroll processing.

What are HR and Payroll software?

 HR and Payroll Software go hand in hand. You can have a simplified process to take care of your company’s payroll and procedure to handle employees. With a cloud-based system like UBS, you can focus on strategic planning and stay worry-free of HR-related matters.

How do I set up payroll for my company?

One simple way to all your question to set up payroll software is to actually book a demo with us and see how easy it is to set up UBS. Check out the book demo button in the right-hand corner.

Which is the best payroll software in India?

There is multiple payroll software available in the market with different features, that can meet your requirement of the company. Thus if you are looking up for the best payroll software in India, you will have to see what is the exact requirement for your company and then choose accordingly.

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