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Poor Performance Warning Letter – Tips, Format, and Example

April 17, 2022
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As an employer or the HR Manager of the company, have you ever observed the poor performance of any of your employees? Have you ever got a complaint about a particular employee not meeting the standard requirements of the job role?

Well, what do you do in such cases? Even after so many repeated verbal warnings, the option is to issue a written Poor performance warning letter. Doing this might scare the employee and make him/her afraid of losing the job. This would lead them to pay serious attention to improving their performance.

So, what are the poor performance warning letters and how are they written?

What is a Poor Performance Warning Letter?

If an employee’s performance isn’t up to pace, a poor performance warning letter is the most common type of disciplinary action a company could take. Writing a formal warning letter is the first step in any disciplinary procedure.

Many managers provide many verbal warnings to their employees in order to draw their attention to the employee’s bad performance. If verbal warnings and conversations are ineffective, the supervisor may issue a written warning letter.

The objective of creating the warning letter is to ensure that the employees take it seriously and that they are more likely to improve after getting it.

How to Write a Formal Written Warning for Poor Performance?

If you are on this page, I can assume that you have tried talking to your employee beforehand. Despite several warnings, if there’s no performance improvement in the employee, it is time to write a warning letter.

Consider the below points before writing a warning letter for your employee’s unsatisfactory performance:

  • Identify the reason behind the poor performance.
  • Cross-check if training and support are required to achieve minimum required standards.
  • Communicate the consequences to the employee and also the steps involved after issuing the warning letter.
  • Ensure that the steps and effects are clearly understood by the employee.
  • Ensure to make two copies of the warning letter and ask for a signed copy from the employee for future reference.

Warning Letter – Format, Example, Meaning and More

Poor Performance Warning Letter Format

Poor Performance Warning Letter Format

Poor Performance Warning Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Poor Performance Warning Letter Example

Poor Performance Warning Letter Example

Wrapping Up

The name “Warning Letter” says it all. It’s a letter from the employer to the employee to inform him/her about the breach in company policies. This letter acts as a warning to the employee for his actions, as well as a list of the repercussions.

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